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Property Law
Alexandros Georgoulis | Law Office in Chios
The Law Office of Alexandros Kon. Georgoulis, based in Chios, has a rich judicial practice in all areas of civil law. With responsibility, diligence and professionalism we guarantee the provision of high quality services.

We effectively handle complex disputes of civil nature family, inheritance, property and contract law, lease disputes and claims for damages for road accidents as well as labor law disputes.

  Property Law
Property law deals with rights to things, i.e. ownership, business (real and personal), pledge, mortgage, content, the manner of their formation and transfer as well as the way in which they are protected. However, property law also includes other rights, in particular contractual claims arising in particular on the occasion of infringement of rights in rem or, more generally, of relationships in rem. It also includes matters of inheritance law.
In particular, property law is the set of rules of private law that regulate rights in rem, i.e. the legal relations of persons to things. Where the law does not leave economic goods to the free use and disposition of each one but begins with the institution of property, it must be regulated which economic goods may belong to the persons and what powers the person may have over them.
It is precisely this task that property law performs: on the one hand, it determines the legal forms by which the person dominates things, i.e. the law of property. rights in rem, and on the other hand regulates the content, acquisition and loss, as well as the protection afforded by law to these rights. Even social peace is ensured through property law since it prevents conflicts of persons over the use of things.





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